Family Priest – Mark Lopez, SJ

Luke 2:22-40, Feast of the Lord’s Presentation

Today’s feast reconnects us to our Jewish ancestors in the faith, through their tradition of offering their first-born son to be the priest of the family.

How beautiful that would be for us today – a priest in every family. No, not necessarily the ordained kind. But the kind who can speak our heart’s desires and lead us in eloquent thanksgiving and praise.

In my family it’s Mom who leads us into such heart-felt prayer. Always, she can speak so sincerely of the gratitude in her heart in behalf of us all, and with a tone that makes us feel so loved and so close to God.

The priests in our families are also those who remind us of the things that really matter. Our modern families can often get caught-up with having to have the latest gadgetry, the newest styles, comfortably extravagant lifestyles, status, wealth, and honor. Priests show us that simple is better, and that seeking and doing God’s will through prayer, service to community, and helping people in need should always come first for those who seek to follow Jesus.

Our “priests” also teach us the value of sacrifice. They make great sacrifices for us, offer these to God, so that we and others may live.

Is there someone in your family who does these “priestly things”? If so, thank God especially for this loved one today. Offer his or her intentions in your prayers. If there isn’t, then ask the Spirit to inspire the one among you who was born to be your priest.

God’s desire is to have such priests (and priestesses) in every family, so that he can keep us all held closely to His heart, and always in-synch with Jesus, our Highest of High Priests.

*originally written for Sabbath 2019

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