We started this blog in response to numerous requests from friends and relatives to send them good homilies. So we figured that instead of forwarding emails and the like, we would just put up this site and fill it with as many good homilies that we could lay our hands on. The majority, if not all, are by Jesuits as that is our network.

The judgment on what is a “good” homily is completely subjective. Our tastes may be different from yours. But these are the ones that stimulated our minds, strengthened our faith and touched our hearts.

We’re sure there are other good homilies out there and we hope we can cast our nets further out to find them. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our choices.

PS We named this blog One Lost Sheep after one of our favorite parables – Luke 15:1-7 🙂

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  1. Chary says:

    Great job you guys!!!

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  2. Ching Escalet says:

    This is a great idea! Thanks for doing this for many of us hungry for good homilies!!

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  3. Miki says:

    I wish I’d found this blog sooner! I’ve been looking for newer homilies by Fr. Arnel and I cried out in joy upon seeing his lenten homilies here. I really can’t thank you enough 🙂 Hope you will also be blessed to have Fr. Roy and Fr. Tony share their homilies here. AMDG +

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    1. We’re so glad! 🙂 Fr. Arnel’s homilies are really world-class. 🙂 We also made sure to include homilies from other priests who are also great writers. Enjoy!


    2. We always welcome any homily that inspires us and are always on the lookout. However, most priests don’t write out their homilies, and usually deliver them in outline form and speak extemporaneously. So the challenge becomes two-fold: finding the homily and finding a priest that writes out his homilies.


  4. Thank you doing this.


    1. Thank you for reading our posts. Please help spread the good news. 🙂

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  5. Joseph H. Francia says:

    Excellent homily by Fr. Jett Villarin: well-written, brief, to the point, thought-provoking.


    1. We’ll let Fr. Jett know! 🙂 thank you fir visiting our blog!


  6. Bob Weber says:

    Add me to your mailing list


    1. ninangdeb says:

      I think you just have to click on the “follow blog via email” on the bottom left of the home page.


  7. Juliana Alampay says:

    Hi Debbie.
    Fr Pat Falguera is a gifted homilist. Please include his homilies here.
    Thank you gid.


    1. ninangdeb says:

      Yes I know. But he always forgets to submit to me 😔


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