Space for God – Willy Samson, SJ


Matthew 11: 25-30, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Gospel today brings us closer to the heart of Jesus, especially his desire for us to develop a deeper relationship with Him and with the Father through our prayers. 
I remember preacher Bo Sanchez sharing his experience of sitting in a chair and watching his children sleep in peace for three hours. Then suddenly, in his mind, the Lord told him, “Bo, I’m also watching you every moment of your life, for you are my precious child.”  
In today’s Gospel, Jesus reveals his heart to us in two ways: First, by sharing his own unique personal relationship with the Father. Second, by telling to us his great desire to unload from our shoulders our burdens, worries and sufferings.
In other words, through our quality prayer, Jesus is inviting us to commune with him, the way he commune with the Father. And in doing so, we bring to him all our worries and cares, then rest and be healed by his loving presence. Like Bo, we are also being reminded that God is always watching us. He is hoping that one of these days, we shall commune with him and rest in his loving presence. 
God wants us to create a space for him in our daily lives. A space where He can come in and commune with us. A space where we can be true to ourselves with Jesus who loves us much. We need a space for God, created through the spirit of humility. Like the younger prodigal son, who in humility, have decided to return to the Father … for he realized that there’s no place like home. The love of the Father is the only space where he can rest and be happy.

When a special person visits us, we often give him the best room in our house. We give him a good share of our personal space so that he may move around freely in our space. We give our guests a special license to do anything he wants in that space we provided – that’s reverence and respect. 

Today, let’s pray and desire for that SPACE FOR GOD – OUR HOME. We need to render the respect He deserves from us. If we want Jesus to be with us, we need to create a special place for him in our hearts. A special space, a place of honor, in our everyday life – in our daily schedule, daily work, in our physical space, in our relationships, and even in my patterns of thoughts.

What about you? Do you have a special place reserve for God in your daily schedule? What about a space for God in your thoughts, core values, beliefs and relationships? How much time do you set aside for prayer? And how much space do you give in listening to God? 

Jesus wants us to be like a child: simple, humble, believer, joyful, grateful and forgiving. For it is in becoming like a child that we begin creating a space for God – our Father. It is only in becoming like a child, that we become his beloved children. 

Are you tired of seeking happiness in worldly things? Are you weary running away from people and responsibilities? Are you tired of mending your wounds? It’s time to create a space for God. This is what he desires from us. Create one and invite Jesus. And He will definitely come to give you rest.

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