The Enemies of Love – Willy Samson, SJ


Matthew 9:1-8, Thursday of the 13th Week in Ordinary Time

In our Gospel today, Jesus expressed his disappointment with the Pharisees after he attempted to forgive the sins of the paralyzed man and was branded doing a blasphemous act. He said, “Why do you have such wicked thoughts in your hearts?”

Think about it. Like the Pharisees, we do have portions of “wicked thoughts” in our hearts and minds. We entertain evil or negative thoughts against each others, especially of people we don’t like, including our enemies. Sometimes, we are not even aware that these wicked thoughts are eating us slowly. We  find ourselves dwelling too much on them, until we find ourselves emotionally affected and slowly sliding into resentment, envy and vengeance.


Our minds and hearts are the fertile grounds where both good and evil thoughts are planted everyday. Beware! We need to be more vigilant, discerning and careful in choosing what kind of thoughts we generally entertain everyday. For our thoughts are powerful enough to influence our actions. And Jesus is warning us that some wicked thoughts have found their way to plant themselves into our hearts. Realizing this, the only antidote against wicked thoughts is prayer, forgiveness and letting them go.

Imagine Jesus telling you now, “Why do you have such wicked thoughts in your hearts?” Can you identify these wicked thoughts in your mind now? To whom those thoughts are directed? Why? What do you feel carrying those unpleasant thoughts in your mind and heart? Enter into prayer now and ask Jesus to cleanse your mind and heart. Consider the possibility of forgiving people. Or are you envying someone? It’s high time to be free from all those wicked thoughts. Ask for the grace to cast them out of your system. They are not coming from God. They rob your peace. They are the enemies of love.

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