Imagining Resurrections – Mark Lopez, SJ

Luke 20:27-38, 32nd Sunday In Ordinary Time A lot of prayers and thoughts these days go out to our dearly departed, having just celebrated All Saints’ and All Souls’. And since we’re also nearing the end of the liturgical year (Yes, only two Sundays left, before Advent helps us to begin again!) a lot of…

Endless Love – Arnel Aquino, SJ

Luke 20:27-38, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Nanay Cianang & Mamay Aquin were a grand-aunt & uncle whose family is still the happiest bunch of relatives I have. They’re an interesting family. Lola Cianang was once married and had children by her first husband. Mamay Aquin was the same way, had a first wife and children….