A Glimpse of Glory – Willy Samson, SJ

Mark 9:2-10, Second Sunday Of Lent


When Jesus brought Peter, James and John to Mount Tabor, one of his intentions was to give them a glimpse of his divine glory. Jesus saw the necessity of giving his disciples of something to hold on – a hope in the dark, something to give them strength when darkness came. For Jesus knew his disciples’ faith would be shattered with his crucifixion. The disciples needed an extra dose of encouragement – through Jesus’ transfiguration, so that their faith would not crumble with his impending crucifixion.

In our life, when pain, doubt and fear fill our hearts, when life seems like it is falling apart, or when we are persecuted, burdened, wounded and confused, like Abraham, we need to listen to God and hear him say, “LOOK UP AT THE SKY, AND COUNT THE STARS, IF YOU CAN.” (Genesis 12:2). And like the disciples in our gospel, we need to hear Jesus telling us, “GET UP! DO NOT BE AFRAID. I am with you.” (Matthew 17:7).

Yes, we have our share of failures, frustrations and darkness in our life, but our life is also marked with countless blessings. We have a list of victories, happiness and fulfillment to share. God did not abandon us to our trials. We have glimpses of our own “little transfigurations and glory” in our families, communities and our nation. If God accompanied us in the past, we are assured of His presence today and in the future.


This Lenten Season, spend more time in prayer, listen to God, and be transformed inside. This is what God the Father is telling us to do – LISTEN TO HIS SON. Let’s hear God’s words of assurance and healing. Look closer at your life. Count your blessings and not your miseries. Be Transformed – and rise from your challenges!

*image from the Internet

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